1. Animal Control

    Get tips about animal health, lost and found animals, and more.

  2. C & D Industrial Waste Landfill

    Learn where and how to dump industrial waste.

  3. Curbside Collection

    Find Curbside Collection applications and documents.

  4. Camden County Public Library

  5. Emergency Preparedness

    Learn how to prepare your family for emergencies.

  6. Fire Rescue

    Find information about Camden County Fire Rescue's services and programs.

  7. Mosquito Control

    Learn what Camden County is doing to control mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

  8. Coast2Coast Rx Card Program

    Learn more about getting discounts on prescription drugs.

  9. New Resident Information

    Find out all the essential information for new residents.

  10. Registrar

    See how you can become a registered voter.

  11. Senior Center

    a public recreation facility designed to meet the needs of our older adult population in Camden County. Open to adults age 60 and older, the Senior Center is located in the renovated Ralph Bunche Complex at 1501 Georgia Avenue in Woodbine.