Traffic Citations

If you received a Traffic Citation from the Camden County Sheriff's Office or the Georgia State Patrol in Camden County, Georgia, you may pay your fine in a variety of methods.  Please allow 14 to 21 days for information on citation to be available. 

Your fine is due on or before your assigned court date.

Ways to Pay Your Traffic Citation

  1. In-Person - The Probate Court is located on the first floor of the Camden County Courthouse at 210 East 4th Street in Woodbine.
  2. By Phone - Toll-Free Number - 1-800-262-0128
  3. Online - Pay through EZCourtPay
  4. By Mail - Money Orders or Certified Checks (no personal or commercial checks will be accepted) made payable to Camden County Probate Court.

Mail to:
Probate Court
P.O. Box 818
Woodbine, Georgia 31569

Super Speeder

Georgia's 'Super Speeder Law' defines a Super Speeder as a driver convicted of speeding at 75 mph or more on a two-lane road or at 85 mph and above on any road or highway in the State of Georgia. In addition to the fines and fees paid to Camden County, a $200 Super Speeder state fee is to be paid by the convicted driver. 

Learn more about the Super Speeder Law from the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), including a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Or call DDS at 404- 657-9300.