2019 Photo Contest

Twenty-seven (27) entries from eight applicants were submitted in the following categories: Landscapes, Nature/Wildlife, Sunrise/Sunset,and Transportation.

2019 Showcase Camden County Photo Contest Winning Images

From Left: Landscape-Joanie Branistareau; Sunrise/Sunset-Eric Walter; Nature/Wildlife-Eric Walter; Transportation-Tati Feige

Recognized this year by category are: Landscapes: 1st place Joanie Branistareau, 2nd Tati Feige, and 3rd Margaret Fogel. Nature/Wildlife: 1st place Eric Walter, 2nd Margaret Fogel, and 3rd Joanie Branistareau. Sunrise/Sunset: 1st Place Eric Walter, 2nd Joanie Branistareau, and 3rd Jeremy Cole. Transportation: 1st Place Tati Feige, 2nd Margaret Fogel, and 3rd Joanie Branistareau. The overall winner was Eric Walter. View the 2019 Contest Photo Gallery entries. 

All winners were formally honored at the Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. The winning photos will be on display at the Camden County Government Services Complex. The Board of Commissioners will use these photos in various promotions and publications, while appropriate credit will be given to the photographers when used. 

Photo Contest Winners with their images

From Left: Tati Feige, Eric Walter, and Margaret Fogel