General Landfill Safety

Please follow these general safety tips as you plan your trip to one Camden County's Landfills. Large trucks and heavy equipment are commonly in use and may impact your visit to the sites.

General Safety

  • Wear closed toed shoes and easily seen clothing.
  • Check the weather before you come due to the weather sometimes limiting activities.
    • Please note that some landfill activities will cease with active lightning in the immediate area.
  • If carrying heavy objects, consider bringing someone with you to help unload the waste.
  • We require the use a tarp to cover your waste to prevent litter and road hazards, such as flat tires. If the waste load is not secured, you will not be allowed to dispose of the waste.
  • Do not allow your children or animals to leave your vehicle.
  • Do not litter around containers.
  1. Camden County Welcomes New Director of Solid Waste

    The Camden County Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce the hiring of Campbell Smith as the new Director of Solid Waste for Camden County. Read on...
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