Report Damage

Damage Reports

Residents are encouraged to report damage in Camden County caused by thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms, wildfires, or man-made incidents. Camden County Emergency Management Agency has partnered with Orion Damage Assessment System to assist citizens with reporting damage.

How to Submit Your Own Damage Assessment

  1. Enter your address. After inputting your address into the fields, choose the location type and select Residential or Business.
  2. Input your contact information. If Emergency Management staff needs additional data, your contact information is readily available. You do have the option of not sharing your information by selecting a box in the upper left corner.
  3. Select the damage level. You will choose which of the four damage level applies to the property by viewing examples. 
  4. Upload photos. You may upload as many photos as you would like. 
  5. Review and submit. After reviewing your information, you can go back and edit or select Submit to complete your report.
  6. Submission complete. You will receive a thank you message from the Orion Damage Assessment System to know that your submission is successful.