District 2

Chuck Clark is a seventh generation Camden County resident who has been a business owner in the county since 1991.

In 2010, Mr. Clark was elected to serve as Commissioner for District 2 in Camden County. He took office effective January 1, 2011 and has not looked back since. Mr. Clark is currently serving his second elected term, which he ran unopposed.  He was also voted to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Commissioners again for the second year in a row. Mr. Clark is a member of the Camden County Criminal Justice Council, Vice-Chair of the Camden County Solid Waste Authority, and a member of the Camden County Public Service Authority.   

Mr. Clark is a 1986 graduate of Camden County High School and attended Brunswick College where he earned an Associates Degree in Horticultural Science.  He is currently attending the Carl Vinson Institute of Government where he is completing his certification as a County Commissioner.

He resides in Woodbine with his wife Juanita, who is a local elementary school teacher. They are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters.  Mr. Clark enjoys coaching softball were he has coached 3 Runner Up National World Series, 2 Runner Up State Champions, 1 State Champion.  He is the Youth Sunday School teacher for Light House Church of God.