School Safety

What does CEMA do with School Safety?

You'll learn what the Camden Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) is doing about School Safety here or find more information at Georgia Emergency Management Agency or the National Resource Center for Safe Schools.

How & Why is CEMA Involved in Area School's Planning?

Children are required by law to attend school. Schools are required to provide a facility that is safe, free from drugs and harassment, and promotes a healthy learning environment.

Violence and crime are a focus of safety in schools, yet are far less likely to occur than other natural and man-made disasters. CEMA assists schools in identifying hazards such as:

  • Hazardous material accidents in or near schools
  • Thunderstorms, flooding, and other severe weather dangers
  • Accidents involving school vehicles or that occur near schools
  • Utility Failures
  • Chemical or industrial facilities near school grounds that could pose a threat in the event of an accident
  • Violence, bomb threats, intruders

CEMA & Communications

CEMA not only facilitates communications between agencies working in an emergency situation but serves as a link to state resources. Just as law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical service providers plan together for hurricanes and hazardous material incidents, CEMA has begun to bring each agency together to assist schools in their planning.