Your Lost Pet

Steps to Follow

If your pet does become lost:

  • Check your pet's favorite play spots.
  • Call Animal Control 912-576-7395. Report the pet's license, rabies tag number,  and description.
  • Check with the animal shelter every day and post the description of your pet on the bulletin board.
  • Listen for barking in the neighborhood as many dogs bark at another dog running loose.
  • Call your neighbors and check with the mailman to find out if they have seen your pet.
  • Call the local radio station to find out if they can report your lost pet
  • Make sure someone is near the phone while you are out looking.
  • Read the Lost and Found notices in the paper to check for your pet.
  • Make lost pet signs, including the description and a picture to assist in your search.
  • When your pet is found, give him / her a happy welcome home.

Humane Society

The Humane Society requests you to come to the shelter to post the notice on their bulletin board and to take a look at the stray animals as your pet may be there. Often your description may not match what they are looking at, so it is best if you come and look yourself.