Probate Court - Judge Robert C. Sweatt, Jr.

The Office of the Probate Court is responsible for Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Weapons Carry License and Traffic Citations.

Marriage License

Applications for a marriage license may begin online. Documents required to get a Marriage Application in Camden County Georgia:

  •  Driver's License (Photo Identification)
  •  If divorced or widow(er), a copy of the final divorce decree or death certificate.
  •  Fee is $76.00 or $50.00 if you receive Premarital Counseling (form has to be notarized).
  •  If 16 or 17 years of age - parents or legal guardians have to be present and present  Identification and sign an affidavit.
  •  Birth Certificates are helpful but not required.

Marriage ceremonies are by appointment only. Please contact the Probate Court at 912-576-3785 to schedule an appointment.

Birth Certificates

  • To obtain a certified copy of a Birth Certificate you must have identification if for yourself.  If for someone else, you must be able to prove your relationship to the child.
  • Fee is $25.00 for the first (1st) certified copy and $5.00 for any additional copies requested at that time.

Death Certificates

  • If you are immediate family you may request a certified copy of the Death Certificate, with proper identification verification.
  • If you are not related, certain information will be redacted (cause of death, social security numbers)
  • Fee is $25.00 for the first (1st) certified copy and $5.00 for any additional copies requested at that time.

Weapons Carry License

  • You must be a resident of Camden County Georgia.  If your Driver's License does not have a physical address you will need to show proof of your physical address (utility bills, property tax information, etc).
  • You have to be 21 years of age or older.  Only Active Military can receive a License if 18 years to 20 years of age.  Active Military over 21 years of age have to provided their orders showing they are stationed at Kings Bay Naval Base, Kings Bay, Georgia; Drivers' License (photo Identification) and proof of residency in Camden County Georgia.
  • Ages 18 - 20 have to provide proof showing their completion of Basic Training in addition to the items mentioned above.
  • Fee is $77.00 
  • To begin your application for a Weapons Carry License (WCL) online or office hours to apply for WCL is Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Our office does not issue WCL's on court days so it is advisable to contact our office prior to coming.  

Traffic Citations

  • If you received a Traffic Citation from the Camden County Sheriff's Office or the Georgia State Patrol in Camden County, Georgia, you may pay your fine in the following manner:
  • Online
  •  Toll free Number: 1-800-262-0128
  •  Mail: Money order or Certified Check (no personal or commercial checks accepted)             payable to Camden County Probate Court, PO BOX 818, Woodbine, GA  31569
  • Your fine is due on or before your court date which is listed at the bottom of you citation.
  • If you are going 85+ on any road in Georgia or 75+ on a two lane road you are considered a "Georgia Super Speeder" and will be fined an additional amount.