Mission, Vision & Values

The mission of Camden County Government is to deliver Defined County Services with Exceptional Customer Service and in a Financially Sustainable and Transparent Manner.

Camden County 2030 is the Premier Coastal Community of Georgia - Beautiful and Safe.  Camden County 2030 has a Strong Regional Economy and Diverse Job Opportunities with four major pillars: An Active Naval Submarine Base, a Successful World Class Spaceport, Sport Tourism and Technology Corridor.  Camden County 2030 has Relaxing Living with Quality Residential Developments, and Abundant Leisure Choices For All.

The Board of County Commissioners and employees of Camden County are committed to the following values:

We act with honesty and fairness and always strive to do the right thing.

We treat everyone with respect. We recognize the dignity that is inherent in all people and celebrate the strength that comes from the diversity of people and ideas.

We take pride in our role as public servants and are dedicated to service excellence. We are committed to responsive, quality service, delivered with timeliness, courtesy, and fairness.

We are accountable and responsible for our actions and accept the consequences of our decisions.

We value teamwork, and promote the principles of partnership, consultations and open communication.

We encourage the achievement of a healthy balance in the working and personal lives of employees, believing that this contributes to the vitality of individuals, our organization and our community.