Showcase Camden County Photo Contest

January 14, 2019

Images of Camden County waterways and flowers displayed as Polaroid-style pictures Get out and take your best shot of Camden County and help us show the world through the lens of a camera Georgia's Coastal Community of Choice!

The 2018 contest calls for photographers to submit their best photos of Camden County, Georgia and its activities, attractions and events, as well as historic and scenic locations. Camden County’s natural landscapes and unique events provide limitless creative inspiration to individuals that enjoy seeing the world through the lens of a camera.

Photos submitted will be used by Camden County Government in its ongoing publications and promotions. Appropriate credit will be given to photographers when their photos are used. The winning photographs will be showcased at Camden County’s Government Services Complex, as well as various other locations throughout Camden County.

One winner per category will be awarded. The categories are as follows:

  1. Landscapes (Sunsets, sunrises, docks & rivers)
  2. Nature / Wildlife (Flowers, trees, insects, and birds)
  3. People /  Events (Festivals, Sporting Events, Celebration, Groups of People, Candid photos) *Please NO self / group portraits
  4. Transportation (Airplanes, Railroad/Trains, Vehicles/Classic Cars, Boating, Roadways/Dirt Roads, Major Intersections/I-95)

2018 Showcase Camden County Photo Contest

All entries should be postmarked or hand delivered by Monday, January 14, 2019. Read the Showcase Camden County Photo Contest Guidelines (PDF) for all terms and conditions for entry.

Entry Form

You may complete the online application or print the application (PDF)

Consent Form

 If the photograph includes people or business establishments, a consent form (PDF) is required to complete the application.

Photo Credits for Image Above
From Left: June Pounds (2012 Contest), John Fleck (2010 Contest), Ron Williams (2011 Contest), and Derek Bradley (2016 Contest)