Award-Winning Government

  1. NACo
  2. ACCG

National Association of Counties (NACo)

2022 Achievement Awards

  • Rural Transportation Collaborative Partnerships in the category of Transportation

2021 Achievement Awards

  • Coordination of Benefits Update in the category of Financial Management

2020 Achievement Awards

  • Paved Roadway Inventory and Assessment in the category of Transportation 

2019 Achievement Awards

  • Interactive Permits and Land Use Dashboard in the category of Information Technology

2018 Achievement Awards

  • Joint Addressing Ordinance and Manual in the category of Planning
  • Emergency Management Agency Joint Information System Plan and Center in the category of Risk and Emergency Management

2017 Achievement Awards

  • "Brush Truck and Tanker Retrofit Program" through a Public-Private Partnership in the category of Risk and Emergency Management (Best in Category Winner)
  • "Advanced Connectivity and Transparent Government" - ’Staying Connected to Residents’ in the category of Civic Education and Public Information
  • Board of County Commissioners Living Well Onsite Wellness Clinic - "Customized Technology for Patients with the use of Electronic Medical Records" in the category of Health
  • Doing Business online - "Efficient and Convenient Electronic Bill Payment Service" in the category of Information Technology.

2016 Achievement Awards

  • "Saving Taxpayer Dollars-Refining Capital Assets-Cost Saving Results"
  • "McKinney Medical Center - Shine, Make Your Community It’s Best"

2015 Achievement Awards

  • Co-Sharing Fleet Management Resources: "Sharing Services Among Different Fleets" (Best of Category in County Administration & Management)
  • Magistrate Court Streamlines Arrest Warrant/First Appearance Hearing with New Electronic Warrant Process (Best of Category in Court Administration and Management)
  • New and Enhanced Citizens’ Academy: "Working in Partnership with the Community"
  • Strategic Plan 2015 ~ 2020 ~ 2030: "A Blueprint for Success"

2014 Achievement Award

  • "Automatic & Mutual Aid - Functional Consolidation, Achieving Success through City-County Collaboration"

2013 Achievement Award  

  • Health Care Reform - Achieving Success Through Partnerships

2012 Achievement Award 

  • Camden Criminal Justice Council - Protecting the Public & Controlling Costs

2011 Achievement Awards

  • Retirement Redesign - Maximizing a Key Employee Benefit
  • Helping Citizens Save Lives - Andrew Cohn External Defibrillator Program

2010 Achievement Awards

  • STEMI - Saving Lives in the Field
  • Going Green - Saving Green

2009 Achievement Awards

  • Strategic Planning Initiative
  • Open Communication in Government
  • STARS Program - Suggestions to Assist in Reduced Spending
  • Institute of Organizational Excellence

Emergency Management Association of Georgia

NOAA National Weather Service

Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting