Camden County: County-Wide Level Two (2)Projects

Projects that benefit the citizens of the entire county:

  • Public Saftey-Multi Agency Data Sharing System
    • $2,000,000.00
  • Public Safety RadioCommunications System
    • $2,055,000.00
  • Colerain Road (Kingsland Bypass) Hurricane Evacuation
    Route and Economic Corridor
    • $750,000.00
  • Ambulances for County-Wide Emergency Services
    • $530,000.00
  • Total County-Wide Level Two (2) Projects
    • $5,335,000.00
  • County shall receive $5,335,000.00
    • For pre-determined county-wide projects as agreed in the Intergovernmental Agreement before all other projects begin up to the first $44,000,000.00
  • The first $5,335,000.00 collected from the tax shall be used for the funding of the County-Wide Level Two (2) projects as listed above. No disbursements will be made for any other listed purpose in the Intergovermental Agreement, or to an other entity that is a party to the Intergovernmental Agreement, until this provisions of the Intergovernmental Agreement has been satisfied.