Camden County: County-Wide Level Two (2) Projects

Projects that benefit the citizens of the entire county:

Once the total $44,000,000.00 has been collected and prior to any further proceeds distribution the County shall receive $1,500,000.00 for Land/Infrastructure-Economic Development Projects for Camden County:

  • Camden County government buildings and offices
    • $1,170,700.00
  • Camden County roads, streets, bridges and drainage projects to include but not limited to paving & resurfacing
    • $7,273,828.00
  • Upgrading & purchasing of county equipment, vehicles and technology
    • $8,282,000.00
  • Camden County shall receive 27.92% of the net proceeds up to the first $44,000,000.00, estimated amount of $10,795,474.00.Thereafter, Camden County shall receive 30.41% of the next$21,000,000.00, estimated amount of $5,931,307.00.

All projects are for county projects only, for information on city projects please

contact the City of Woodbine, Kingsland or St. Marys.