Joint Land Use Study Grant

U.S. Navy photo by Specialist 1st Class James Kimber

Joint Land Use Study

What is the JLUS?

The Camden / Kings Bay Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a joint effort of Camden County, the cities of Kingsland, St. Marys and Woodbine, and the Camden County Joint Development Authority (JDA) in cooperation with Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) Kings Bay. Joint Land Use Studies have been completed in many communities with military bases across the U.S.

Why is a JLUS needed?

SUBASE Kings Bay, with an estimated $600 million payroll, is a major economic engine in the Camden County region. Prior to its development, the community’s population was less than 15,000. Since the base opened in 1980, the population has more than tripled and now exceeds 50,000. This rapid growth has resulted in development of properties in close proximity to the base. There is also growing pressure to develop remaining vacant tracts near the base. Development near the base is not necessarily a concern, however non-compatible uses have become more of an issue in the enhanced security environment since 9/11. What are JLUS goals / objectives?

Goals of JLUS

  1. establish smart-growth land use and development plans for vacant and redevelopment sites near the installation
  2. identify existing non-compatible uses and propose mitigation options
  3. develop enhanced communication and access management plans involving various highway and waterway linkages between the community and the base

In the JLUS process, the community and the military study issues in an open forum, considering both community and military viewpoints. This planning effort helps the partnership between the community and the military, and promotes opportunities for economic growth.

JLUS Community Benefits

The expected benefits from the study include enhancement of the already strong relationship between SUBASE Kings Bay and adjacent communities through adoption of a smart growth plan promoting economic expansion and addressing development and military mission compatibility in the vicinity of the base. The results of the study promote greater understanding and coordination among all community stakeholders and SUBASE Kings Bay.

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