Before Hurricane Season

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has created Document and Insure Your Property (PDF), detailing steps to take before a disaster strikes.

Document Your Property, Understand Your Options for Coverage, and Ensure You Have Appropriate Insura Opens in new window

Begin by checking your Property or Rental Insurance. Flood Insurance is NOT included in your property insurance. Also be aware that Insurance companies are not allowed to make any policy changes, or sell new policies once a Tropical Storm has been identified that may threaten the East Coast or Gulf Coast of the United States.

Know what your policy covers, and will not cover. Review your deductibles. They may be different for Flood insurance. Take a photograph or video inventory of your possessions.

Organize Important Documents
Make a list of the important documents that you would want to protect. This may include:

  • Insurance Policies, home and vehicle
  • Medical and Bank records
  • Photos
  • Important phone numbers
  • Legal documents

Make plans to be able to quickly assemble and transport these in waterproof containers should an evacuation be ordered.

Plan Your Evacuation
There are multiple routes out of Camden County. You should familiarize yourself with these routes prior to an evacuation. Plan a weekend drive to explore Camden County and locate these different routes. Always carry a Georgia state map in your vehicle. GPS units and navigation systems may not show all alternate routes.

Choose a Destination and an Alternate
Having an out-of-town contact serves two purposes. This person could be your host for you and your family during the evacuation as well as the Contact person for friends and relatives trying to contact you. Local phone networks, both land-line and cellular, will be overloaded during these types of events. Ask those wishing to contact you to use your Out-of-Town Contact.

Pets are Family Too
Keep pet records current and have copies to take with you. Plan for the pets need as well. Include:

  • Carriers or kennels
  • Food and water
  • Leases and possibly muzzles
  • Toys

If you plan to stay in motels or shelters, understand that not all places allow pets. Please do not abandon your pets.

Protecting Your Home
At the beginning of hurricane season is the best time to buy supplies to fortify your home. Once a storm is forecast to be a potential threat to our area, hurricane supplies become scarce and expensive. Buy plywood and cut it to fit each window, remember to identify where each piece goes and include fasteners.