Camden County Unified Hurricane Re-Entry Plan

Camden County, Camden County Schools, Camden County Sheriff’s Office, City of Kingsland
City of St. Marys, City of Woodbine, and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Updated for the 2019 Hurricane Season

The re-entry plan balances the need for protection of the community while allowing residents and businesses to begin recovery. Local law enforcement will staff re-entry check points to restrict access. When conditions allow, access will occur in five phases, although modifications to phased implementation could occur if determined necessary. 

Re-entry phases will be communicated primarily through the Camden County CodeRED Emergency Alerting system.  All residents should ensure they maintain up-to-date CodeRED registration at all times.

Phase 1: Render Safe Task Force Team Re-Entry

Phase 1 is the initial phase of re-entry. During this phase, teams from state and local response agencies, as well as private sector utility providers, will gain access to impacted areas. The primary objective of operating personnel during this phase is to render the area safe for the first responders who will follow them to conduct life safety operations.

Phase 2: Emergency Response and Life Safety Workforce Re-Entry

Phase 2 will consist of personnel conducting life safety operations in impacted areas. These operations include, but are not limited to, search and rescue, emergency medical services, fire suppression, hazardous materials control and containment, preliminary damage assessment, essential relief staff to critical medical facilities, and immediate utility restoration to critical incident facilities.

Personnel entering impacted areas during Phase 2 should be prepared to present a State of Georgia Disaster Re-Entry Permit, employee credentials (marked vehicle, ID badge, etc.), as well as a valid state-issued identification  card,  to public safety personnel controlling access.

Phase 3: Essential Public and Private Sector Personnel Re-Entry

Phase 3 will consist primarily of individuals in the public and private sector that can restore essential operations, services and commerce in support of re-entry by the general public. These systems and networks include, but are not limited to, petroleum distributors, food distributors, non-emergency medical facilities (such as dialysis centers), pharmaceutical providers, members of the media, medical facility support staff, and local government essential workers. Validation of issuance of re-entry permits for this phase will require close coordination among state and local emergency management and with local public safety officials to ensure that the appropriate individuals and private sector partners are being allowed to access damaged areas.

Personnel entering during Phase 3 are required to possess a State of Georgia Disaster Re-Entry Permit, employee credentials (marked vehicle, ID badge, etc.), as well as a valid state-issued photo identification  card,  to  public  safety personnel controlling access. Individuals working as contractors or subcontractors for an organization or business approved for Phase 3 re-entry are also required to have an employer authorization letter.

Phase 4: Local Residents, Property Owners, and Business Owners

Phase 4 will consist of local residents and those who own property or businesses in the impacted areas. The time frame of this phase is dependent  upon the extent of the damage caused by the hazard and the status of recovery and restoration operations in the preceding phases. During Phase 4 re-entry, access may be limited to certain portions of impacted counties, and restrictions may be in place only allowing access during daylight hours.

Residents and individuals attempting to gain access during this phase will be expected to present valid state-issued photo identification that includes an address in the impacted area; or, valid state-issued photo identification along with a property deed, recent utility bill verifying an address, current voter registration card, recent property tax statement, business credential, or pay stub from a local business. No State of Georgia Disaster Re-Entry Permits are issued for Phase 4 re-entry.

Phase 5: Open to Public with Limited Access

In Phase 5, local officials will determine that a county or portions of the county are relatively safe for entrance by the general public. Restrictions may remain in place for a period of time limiting access to daylight hours.

To receive a Code Red message on a cell phone, you must first sign-up to receive messages

Additional information regarding current status of re-entry will be updated on the Camden County website and social media accounts.

State of Georgia Re-Entry Permit-2019 Information

Download, complete, and submit Georgia Emergency Management Agency's (GEMA) Re-Entry Permit Application (PDF).  Submit completed applications to GEMA via email at If you have any questions about the permit application, please contact GEMA at 1-800-TRY GEMA (1-800-879-4362).