Mosquito-borne viruses are caused by bites from infected mosquitoes. The best way to prevent mosquito-borne viruses is to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and protect ourselves from mosquito bites. One of the most effective ways of preventing mosquito breeding and thus the spread of mosquito-borne viruses is controlling the mosquito population by getting rid of standing water around the home and in the yard. Residents are urged to clean up around their homes, yards, and communities and get rid of unnecessary items that can hold water and turn into mosquito breeding grounds. Additional information about mosquito-borne viruses such as Chikungunya, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), West Nile Virus (WNV), and Zika Virus is available from the Georgia Department of Health Coastal Health District.

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 During warmer months when mosquitoes are more prevalent, remember the 5 Ds of Prevention:

  • Dusk/Dawn – Avoid dusk and dawn activities during the summer when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Dress – Wear loose-fitting, long sleeved shirts and pants to reduce the amount of exposed skin.
  • DEET – Cover exposed skin with an insect repellent containing the DEET, which is the most effective repellent against mosquito bites.
  • Drain – Empty any containers holding standing water – buckets, barrels, flower pots, tarps – because they are breeding grounds for virus-carrying mosquitoes.
  • Doors – Make sure doors and windows are in good repair and fit tightly, and fix torn or damaged screens to keep mosquitoes out of the house.