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Posted on: February 6, 2023

Board of Commissioners Meeting Agendas

The Camden County Board of Commissioners, like all local governments, follow sets of rules when conducting business. A specific number of commissioners must be present at a meeting in order for it to be considered valid. This number is called the quorum. Requiring a quorum to conduct business and ultimately make decisions helps guarantee that the will of the majority of the commissioners prevails and the rights of the minority are protected. For the Camden County Board of Commissioners a quorum is three (3) commissioners. More information about how the Camden County Board of Commissioners conducts meetings (PDF) is available on the Camden County website.

On the agenda for the February 7, 2023, Regular Meeting is an item establishing a rule pertaining to agenda setting. The intention of this agenda item (PDF) is to establish a procedural rule for the maintenance of order. Rules of Procedure are adopted from time to time and as needed to address points of order and procedure.

Nothing in the Resolution of the Camden County Board of Commissioners Establishing a Rule Pertaining to Agenda Setting (PDF) seeks to prevent items from being added to an agenda, but instead formalizes the process as to how these items are added. The Rule is deemed to be procedural only and any failure to strictly observe application of the Rules shall not affect the jurisdiction of the Board or invalidate any action taken at a meeting that is otherwise held in conformity with law.

Agenda items should be submitted for upcoming meetings well in advance of the meeting to allow staff sufficient time to gather information and properly prepare it for the board’s consideration. State law in O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1(e)(1) instructs that “the agenda shall be made available…as far in advance of the meeting as reasonably possible.” Although state law allows commissioners to add necessary items to the agenda after it is posted, last-minute additions to the agenda that introduce items that members may not have had time to study should be avoided.

The Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) shares more information about agendas (PDF) and meetings in their Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners, 5th Edition.

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