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  1. Camden County Animal Control
  2. Is the dog wearing a collar? *
  3. Does the dog have a tag or other identification information?
  4. Have you contacted the owner listed on the tag?
  5. Has the dog been scanned for a microchip?*
  6. If a microchip was found, were you able to contact the owner?
  7. Does the dog appear to be sick or injured? *
  8. Is the dog friendly? *
  9. Are you able to provide care for the dog until the owner is found or other arrangements can be made? *
  10. Did you relocate the dog? *
  11. Contact Information

  12. Warning Alert Sign

    Please note: Camden County Animal Control will NOT pick-up dogs for at least 48 hours. 

    The majority of dogs are found in the neighborhood they live in, and they have the best chance of getting back home if they are retained in their neighborhood.

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