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Evacuation Ride Assistance Program

  1. Evacuation Assistance Request
  2. If approved, you may be transported by school bus or Department of Corrections bus to an inland destination that will be determined on the day of departure. Criminal background checks will be utilized to ensure safety of all evacuees.  

    NO alcohol, drugs, (other than prescription) or weapons will be allowed on buses. Only one piece of luggage is allowed. Pets will be allowed and must meet the requirements below. You should be prepared for long transportation times and buses will not be very comfortable. 

    If an evacuation is ordered, transportation pick-up date and time will be announced on local radio stations and by CodeRED Emergency Messaging. Transportation staging center will be at the Recreation Center located at 1050 Wildcat Drive in Kingsland.  You are responsible for your own transportation to this location. 

    Space will be limited and this is a LAST RESORT transportation option. All Camden County residents should be prepared to evacuate on their own if and when the order is given.  DO NOT depend on this as your primary means of evacuation.

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  5. Will you be evacuating with a pet?*
  6. Pets will be allowed and must be in carrier or kennel. Pet owners must provide shot records, food, water, collar, leash, and are responsible for maintenance and well-being of their pet.
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    To protect sensitive information, do not send the following information on this form: Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, medical information, passport numbers, and passwords.

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