• Ducks in Grass
  • Shrimp Boat Docked
  • Seagull Flying
  • Rainbow after rain
  • Sunrise on Meeting St boat ramp
  • Driftwood tree on bluff
  • Egret watching from pier railing
  • Trains on a railroad track
  • Single Flower over Sunset
  • Joanie Branistareanu Sunset at Downtown
  • Sunset at St. Marys Waterfront park
  • Spider Lily
  • Fountain at St. Marys waterfront
  • Bumble Bee on Flower
  •  Boat on St. Marys River
  • Sunset over St Marys River
  • Sunset through trees
  • Sunrise at a Lake
  • Child and Dog Fishing
  • Great Blue Heron in the Mist
  • Orange Sky at sunset
  • Coastal Great Horn Owl on Perch
  • Praying Mantis
  • boat reflection in water
  • Osprey Cove Front Pond
  • Sunset at St Marys waterfront

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